General disorders that can be detected at the dentist

  Dentists are trained to address holistically to the patient, as a whole, not just to treat caries. Every tooth has a correlation with body organs. Inflamed periodontal may be a sign of a systemic disease, a diabetes; color of oral mucosa a sign of cardiovascular disease . Inflamed gums may have a genetic etiology.

Any local pathology is a sign of a metabolic disease. The use of modern diagnoses and treatments helps to implement more efficient therapeutic schemes in dentistry.

80% of general diseases can be traced at the dentist. Diabetes, rheumatism, including avitaminosis, anemia are most common identified in dental offices

The dentist observing the local changes and making correlations with general pathology, may refer the patient to do laboratory analyzes and then guide him/her to the doctor.

Certain treatments such as beta blockers, birth control pills may induce periodontal inflammation.

Teeth are a fine barometer of physiological changes, but also for pathological changes from the human body.

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