Severe pain after a root canal. Meaning

A root canal is a cleaning of the pulp chamber and root canals of a tooth, which can cause the surrounding tissues to become inflamed.

Usually, this treatment aims to recover the tooth and remove pain.

It is normal to experience mild to moderate discomfort a few days after such a dental procedure.

However, if the pain is unbearable and affects your daily routine, it is necessary to talk to your dentist or endodontist.

Sometimes complications can occur, such as incomplete removal of the altered organic matter that has interfered with the infection or a problem with the material used for the root canal treatment or a crack in the tooth, all of which can cause severe pain.

In the past, root canals were extremely painful. This is also why people sometimes avoid such procedures.

Dentists, however, now have pain relief measures that can be used to reduce the intensity of discomfort you may experience during the procedure.

Before treatment begins, your dentist will apply a local anesthetic to minimize pain. You may feel slight pressure during the root canal cleaning, but not pain.

During the cleaning process, the dentist makes an opening in the crown of the tooth and cleans the affected pulp inside the pulp chamber and root canals. After this procedure you will feel some discomfort, especially to the touch, and any pain and tenderness that occurs should fade within a few days.

To take away even this moderate pain, you can administer a painkiller, but please, consult your doctor before taking these medications to make sure they do not interact with certain supplements or other medications you are already taking.

In severe pain you may need repeat endodontic treatment to relieve pain and preserve the tooth. Retreatment is sufficient to remove the pain and discomfort in most cases, but there are situations where tooth extraction is the best option.

Your dentist can explain, fully, the advantages and disadvantages of each option and which is the best choice for you.

Depending on the type of substance used for root canal treatment, there are various ways that can help relieve pain after a recent root canal.

Applying a crown cap to the tooth undergoing endodontic treatment is the ideal solution, because as time goes by, devital teeth darken and become brittle, brittle, like glass – thus risking breakage.

It is important to consider the following tips:

Don’t eat foods that are too hard, especially on teeth that have undergone root canal treatment.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Make sure you perform the correct brushing strokes to clean your teeth. Take special care around the newly treated tooth. You can use a soft-bristled brush.

Floss once a day to prevent future infections.

Reduce the amount of sugary foods and drinks you eat.

Visit your dentist at least twice a year to keep your teeth healthy and complication-free, avoiding other root canal treatments.

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