Dental tourism

Dental tourism, like medical tourism in general, is becoming increasingly popular with patients worldwide.

This phenomenon has arisen because of the price differences between Western European countries and the USA compared to Eastern European and Latin American countries.

In practice, the patient travels and treats their medical problems, thus combining the useful with the pleasant.

Over the years, programs have been designed to give patients time to visit the main sights, relax and treat their dental conditions.

Dental tourism is one of the most popular forms of medical tourism.


The number of foreign patients seeking dental treatment in our country has increased year by year, and the following are the main reasons for their choice:

  • Low costs – the rates charged by dental practices and clinics in Romania are significantly lower than abroad. However, the quality of the work is high and the number of patients satisfied with the services offered is increasing year by year.

In some cases, the whole package of medical services and tourism is lower than the rates charged by dental practices abroad.

  • New experience – dental tourism is aimed both at those who are keen to travel and those who want new experiences or want to save money.

Satisfied with the quality of the results and the adventure, patients are motivated to repeat the experience.

  • Quality services – the training of Romanian dentists is no worse than in the rest of Europe. Dentistry is studied and practiced to the same standards and rigors throughout the European Union.

That’s why doctors can practice their profession in any EU country.

The professional reputation of Romanian dentists is well known, with a large number of them already working in Western European countries.

Just as doctors go to work in the West for material reasons, many Westerners come to Romania to have their teeth fixed, knowing that they will find high-quality services at much better prices than in their home countries.

Therefore, any patient interested in dental tourism should confidently use the services offered by Romanian dentists.

  • Accessibility – nowadays it is increasingly easy to travel from one part of the continent to another and beyond.

The advantageous prices, the multiple possibilities of travel and the flexible schedules, suitable for everyone, make long distances a pleasant experience.

The vast majority of Romanians also speak at least one foreign language, which makes communication easier.

Most popular treatments

Among the dental services sought by patients, the following are among the top:

  • Dental implants – the most sought-after type of treatment. Anchoring the implant at bone level and then covering it with an aesthetic crown is the wish of patients who have lost teeth and want to rehabilitate their oral cavity in a similar way to the situation before edentulousness.

Even if it is necessary to return home after several months in order to complete the prosthetic work, this is not an inconvenience for the patient.

  • Zirconium dental crowns – Modern zirconium processing technology (scanning, milling, sintering) allows for very demanding aesthetic and functional standards to be set at reasonable cost. Zirconia is a material increasingly used in dentistry that has emerged quite recently.

It possesses exceptional properties and can be widely used in the treatment of edentulous or other types of dental crown damage.

Some patients also seek Romanian dental services for cosmetic or surgical procedures.

Thus, most clinics offering dental tourism are organized in complex teams that can provide the full range of dental treatments, from hygiene, prosthodontics, endodontics, surgery and orthodontics.

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