One of our efforts to bring dental care services into an affordable price range without compromising on the quality of the medical care is the contract between our medical practice and Europe Credit Bank.

We can thus offer you the possibility to pay in 12 fixed instalments, through the Advantage Card, without you having to pay a single cent more than the established treatment plan.

The competitiveness of our services is easy to check by comparing the dentist price list below with any other.

Dental prophylaxis services

Dental consultation 200 LEI

Application of dentin/tooth desensitizer 50 LEI

Fluoridation of dentures 300 LEI

Fluoridation /tooth 30 LEI

Professional arch brushing 150 LEI

Arch cleaning 150 LEI

Air Flow 150 LEI

Dental implantology services

Bone Addition 3000 LEI

Inferior alveolar nerve repositioning / hemiarch 4000 LEI

Khoury technique – bone block removal 5000 LEI

JD dental implant – Italy 2500 LEI

Biotec dental implant – Germany 2500 LEI

Bredent dental implant – Germany 3500 LEI

Geistlich membrane 1500 LEI

Implant opening + healing cap 200 LEI

Cytoplast membrane 1000 LEI

Bio-Oss 0,5 g 1000 LEI

Sinus lift closed 2000 LEI

Sinus lift open 2500 LEI

Cautery 200 LEI

Prosthodontic dental services

Dental implant / implant 400 LEI

PMMA crown 250 LEI

Fitting of prosthetic bridge on Bredent implant 500 LEI

Biotec / JD implant prosthetic bridge fitting 300 LEI

Zirconium veneer 1500 LEI

Emax veneer 2500 LEI

Onlay Zirconium 1000 LEI

Onlay Emax 1500 LEI

Crown on implant E-max 1800 LEI

Metal or fiberglass post 350 LEI

Zirconium post 800 LEI

Acrylic crown 150 LEI

Anesthesia 50 LEI

E-max crown 1800 LEI

Bite guard 300 LEI

Denture lining 300 LEI

Denture repair 400 LEI

Skeleton prosthesis 3000 LEI

Total denture 1500 LEI

Maryland Float 300 LEI

Biodentaplast skeleton prosthesis 2500 LEI

Individual spoon 200 LEI

Implant prosthesis 3000 LEI

Eco Line Zirconium Crown 1200 LEI

Metal-ceramic crown 1000 LEI

Zirconium Multilayer Crown 1400 LEI

Semiphonetic Crown 700 LEI

Metal Root canal restorations (RCR) 350 LEI

Anatomic Zirconium Crown 2000 LEI

Cementing work / tooth 50 LEI

RCR removal 300 LEI

Ablation work / tooth 100 LEI

Endodontic dental services

Multiradicular microscope treatment 1000 LEI

Microscope retreatment / root canal 400 LEI

Monoradicular microscope treatment 500 LEI

MTA perforation closure 300 LEI

AH treatment / canal 200 LEI

Ca(OH)2 treatment / channel 150 LEI

Monoradicular vital excision 200 LEI

Multirradicular vital extirpation 300 LEI

Dental surgery services

Suturing 50 LEI

Root extraction 100 LEI

Extraction of tooth with mobility 100 LEI

Premolarization 200 LEI

Decapping 200 LEI

Pericoronitis medical treatment 100 LEI

Abscess incision 200 LEI

Cystectomy 2000 LEI

Apical resection 1500 LEI

Extraction of semi-enclosed wisdom molar 500 LEI

Extraction of impacted wisdom tooth 1000 LEI

Upper/lower wisdom tooth extraction 300 LEI

Monoradicular / pluriradicular extraction 200 LEI

Baby tooth extraction 100 LEI

Periodontology dental services

Periodontology consultation + periodontometry 200 LEI

Hygienization (includes scaling + brushing + air flow) 500 LEI

Recall (periodontal reassessment) 3-6 months (hygiene + periodontometry) 400 LEI

Single tooth/tooth curettage 200 LEI

Multiarticular/tooth curettage 250 LEI

Dark field root planing/small bag hemiarch 500 LEI

Root canal/hemiarcada curettage medium bags 750 LEI

Root canal/hemiarch curettage large bags 800 LEI

Open field root planing/hemiarch 1000 LEI

Open field root planing/2-3 teeth 500 LEI

Gingivectomy/tooth 100 LEI

Gingivo alveoloplasty/tooth 300 LEI

Periodontal abscess treatment 200 LEI

Immobilization with fiberglass band 700 LEI

Cosmetic dentistry services

Professional teeth whitening at home (mouthguard + paste) 1500 LEI

Professional teeth whitening in the surgery (lamp + paste) 1500 LEI

Dental polishing (application of dental jewelry) 250 LEI

Dental imaging services

Panoramic X-ray 100 LEI

Retro alveolar X-ray 50 LEI

Pediatric dentistry services

Temporary tooth sealing 100 LEI

Endodontic treatment of temporary teeth 200 LEI

Temporary teeth extraction 100 LEI

Temporary teeth filling 200 LEI

Sealing of grooves, fissures 200 LEI

Dental services of dental therapy

Ca(OH)2 application (direct-indirect) 150 LEI

High degree of difficulty facial fillings 300 LEI

Atypical cavity fillings 300 LEI

Composite filling/medium Glass ionomer 250 LEI

Composite filling/ Glass ionomer small 200 LEI

Orthodontic dental services

Metal orthodontic appliance/arch 2800 LEI

Ceramic orthodontic appliance/arch 3000 LEI

Sapphire orthodontic appliance/arch 3700 LEI

Tongue arch/orthodontic chinrest 900 LEI

Mobile appliance/arch 900 LEI

Circuit breaker 1500 LEI

Monthly orthodontic check-up 150 LEI

Appliance removal + retainer/arch 500 LEI

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