When complicated and untreated dental problems lead to tooth loss, the solution is fixed or removable dentures.

Fixed prosthetics can be used when the number of missing teeth is small and the edentulous area is bordered anteriorly and posteriorly by well-implanted teeth that can support a bridge.

Mobile or removable partial or total dentures are a therapeutic option for replacing several or all missing teeth.

This therapeutic option is the one of choice when there are not enough teeth on the arch to support a dental bridge and when the financial resources needed for dental implants are insufficient.

What are dentures?

A denture is a fixed or removable element that replaces missing teeth.

Fixed dentures (dental bridges) can be made entirely of acrylic, metal, ceramic or zirconium materials, they can be semi-physiognomic or totally physiognomic.

Mobile dentures are made of acrylic resins and may incorporate ceramic for better aesthetics or metal for additional structural support.

Types of dentures

  • Unidentate dentures – small prosthetic pieces that can restore the function and shape of a tooth while providing protection.

  • Fixed prosthetics (dental bridges) – consist of a minimum of 3 elements, of which 2 abutment teeth and a bridge body. They are recommended when the patient has a small edentulous gap that is bordered anteriorly and posteriorly by teeth with good bone implantation.

  • Partial dentures – Recommended when the patient has one or more missing teeth and is unwilling or unable to have fixed dentures or dental implants. To ensure good stability of the dentures on the prosthetic field, metal clasps anchor the dentures to the remaining teeth.

  • Immediate dentures – This type of denture is applied immediately after tooth extraction and may require additional adjustments after post-extraction healing. It may take months for tissues and bone to recover after extractions.

  • Total denture – This replaces the absence of all dental units, upper or lower.

  • Overdenture – This is a type of denture similar to total dentures. The difference lies in the fact that not all dental units are extracted and one or more teeth are used for support. This type of denture offers better stability during chewing.

Total dentures

This is fitted after all teeth have been extracted and the tissues have healed.

Healing can take several months, during which time you will have a temporary denture. Total dentures can be fitted a few months after extractions.

The total denture is made from pre-fabricated acrylate teeth mounted on a heat-curing acrylate base.

The mechanical strength over time is not very good, but from an aesthetic point of view, it fulfils its role successfully.

The advantage of the immediate (provisional) denture is that it will not leave the patient without teeth for a long time, but the disadvantage is that it has to be replaced several months after insertion. This is because the bone reshapes as it heals and the denture loses stability.

Acrylic partial dentures

This is the most common type of denture available to patients suffering from partial edentulism. This type of denture is generally recommended for patients who will undergo several extractions in the near future and even at some point will become full acrylic denture wearers.

Advantages of acrylic partial dentures

– The popularity of acrylic dentures is mainly due to the inexpensive fabrication process, hence the low price.

– They can be made in a relatively short time, under modest clinical and technical conditions.

– Acrylic partial dentures are made of the same material as full dentures and offer a major advantage: other false teeth can easily be added as natural teeth are extracted for various reasons. Precisely because of this reasoning the denture can be made even if the remaining teeth have carious lesions or periodontal disease.

– This type of prosthesis can be made even before the extraction of the teeth it will replace, and can be installed on the prosthetic field immediately after extraction. This way the patient will not have to wait until healing to benefit from the advantages of a complete denture.

Disadvantages of acrylic partial dentures

– The acrylic material is brittle and because of the irregular shape fractures are common, especially on the lower arch.

– Avoidance of cracks is achieved by adding more acrylic material. For this reason dentures are thicker and take up more space in the mouth and patients find it harder to get used to wearing them.

– Because they rest on the gum, acrylic dentures are vulnerable to changes in the oral cavity. For example, in cases of gum recession or bone resorption, the prosthesis will require modification to adapt to the new shape of the prosthetic field.

– Acrylic partial dentures are stabilized using wire mesh; these are often unsightly visible, or may even interfere with the patient’s bite.

– If the patient with acrylic dentures has poor oral hygiene and does not observe dental visits, continued wearing of dentures eventually leads to loss of remaining teeth.

– Sometimes the teeth to which the denture will be anchored require crown restoration.

Making acrylic partial dentures

The clinical and technological stages of denture making are similar to those of other types of partial dentures.

– Clinical examination of the patient, diagnosis of edentulousness and indication of treatment.

– Preliminary impression of the prosthetic field.

– Casting of the preliminary model.

– Making the individual impression tray (impression spoon).

– Definitive or functional impression.

The work is carried out in the dental laboratory, based on the mould made by the dentist.

The color of the acrylic material and the false teeth will be chosen to best match the rest of the patient’s teeth.

Principles of making an acrylic partial denture:

– The saddles should fit perfectly into the edentulous spaces;

– retention of the denture is achieved by means of wire clasps attached to the acrylic material and the edentulous marginal tooth;

– the connectors of the prosthesis will be made of acrylic material or, if “non-clamping” of the space is indicated, of cobalt-chromium alloy;

– avoid covering the free gingival margin;

– occlusion is avoided.

Maintenance of acrylic partial dentures

Cleaning the denture is very important, but you must also take good care of the remaining teeth. Oral hygiene is essential in preserving your natural teeth. The denture should be cleaned with a brush and paste after every meal or at least twice a day, and left in a glass of water at night.

How are dentures made?

Before starting the actual prosthetic treatment, the consultation may find other dental problems present in the oral cavity.

A pre-prosthetic treatment is carried out by cleaning the oral cavity and a pro-prosthetic treatment consisting of interventions on the masticator fibromucos if necessary, on the bone substrate (regularization of the alveolar crest), preparation of the abutment teeth when fixed prostheses (dental bridges) are required.

The arches are then impressed and the occlusal relationships are recorded, providing the dentist and dental technician with the information needed to make the prosthesis. Subsequent sessions are required to determine the shape of the teeth, the color and the fit of the prosthesis in the field.

Once the final dentures are made, they are applied to the prosthetic field and the doctor will give the patient instructions for their maintenance.

The dentures will have a natural appearance and will restore the functions of the dento-maxillary apparatus and the smile, especially when they are properly cared for.

Prices (to be hyperlinked with the next page)

Dentist prices 2023

Among our efforts to bring dental care services into an affordable price range without compromising on the quality of care is the contract between our medical practice and Europe Credit Bank.

We can thus offer you the possibility of paying in 12 fixed instalments, via the Advantage Card, without you having to pay a penny more than the agreed treatment plan.

The competitiveness of our services is easy to check by comparing the dentist price list below with any other.

Dental prophylaxis services

Dental consultation 200 LEI

Application of dentin/tooth desensitizer 50 LEI

Fluoridation of dentures 300 LEI

Fluoridation /tooth 30 LEI

ARCADA professional brushing 150 LEI

ARCADA cleaning 150 LEI

Air Flow 150 LEI

Dental implantology services

Bone Addition 3000 LEI

Inferior alveolar nerve repositioning / hemiarch 4000 LEI

Khoury technique – bone block removal 5000 LEI

JD dental implant – Italy 2500 LEI

Biotec dental implant – Germany 2500 LEI

Bredent dental implant – Germany 3500 LEI

Geistlich membrane 1500 LEI

Implant opening + healing cap 200 LEI

Cytoplast membrane 1000 LEI

Bio-Oss 0,5 g 1000 LEI

Sinus lift closed 2000 LEI

Sinus lift open 2500 LEI

Cautery 200 LEI

Prosthodontic dental services

Dental implant / implant 400 LEI

PMMA crown 250 LEI

Fitting of prosthetic bridge on Bredent implant 500 LEI

Biotec / JD implant prosthetic bridge fitting 300 LEI

Zirconium veneer 1500 LEI

E-Max veneer 2500 LEI

Onlay Zirconium 1000 LEI

Onlay E-Max 1500 LEI

Crown on implant E-max 1800 LEI

Metal or fiberglass post 350 LEI

Zirconium post 800 LEI

Acrylic crown 150 LEI

Anesthesia 50 LEI

E-max crown 1800 LEI

Bite guard 300 LEI

Denture lining 300 LEI

Denture repair 400 LEI

Skeleton prosthesis 3000 LEI

Total denture 1500 LEI

Maryland Float 300 LEI

Skeletal prosthesis Biodentaplast 2500 LEI

Individual spoon 200 LEI

Implant prosthesis 3000 LEI

Eco Line Zirconium Crown 1200 LEI

Metal-ceramic crown 1000 LEI

Zirconium Multilayer Crown 1400 LEI

Semi-Physiognomic Crown 700 LEI

Metallic RCR (Corono-Radicular Reconstructions) 350 LEI

Anatomic Zirconium Crown 2000 LEI

Cementing work / tooth 50 LEI

RCR removal 300 LEI

Ablation work / tooth 100 LEI

Endodontic dental services

Multi-radicular microscope treatment 1000 LEI

Microscope retreatment / root canal 400 LEI

Mono-radicular microscope treatment 500 LEI

MTA perforation closure 300 LEI

AH treatment / canal 200 LEI

Ca (OH)2 treatment / channel 150 LEI

Mono-radicular vital excision 200 LEI

Multi-radicular vital extirpation 300 LEI

Dental surgery services

Suturing 50 LEI

Root extraction 100 LEI

Extraction of tooth with mobility 100 LEI

Pre-molarization 200 LEI

De-capping 200 LEI

Pericoronitis medical treatment 100 LEI

Abscess incision 200 LEI

Cystectomy 2000 LEI

Apical resection 1500 LEI

Extraction of semi-enclosed wisdom tooth 500 LEI

Extraction of impacted wisdom tooth 1000 LEI

Upper/lower wisdom tooth extraction 300 LEI

Single-root / multi-root extraction 200 LEI

Milk tooth extraction 100 LEI

Periodontology dental services

Periodontology consultation + periodontometry 200 LEI

Sanitization (includes scaling + brushing + air flow) 500 LEI

Recall (periodontal reassessment) 3-6 months (hygiene + periodontometry) 400 LEI

Single tooth/tooth curettage 200 LEI

Multi radicular/tooth curettage 250 LEI

Dark field root planing/small bag hemiarch 500 LEI

Root canal/hemiarcada curettage medium bags 750 LEI

Root canal/hemiarch curettage large bags 800 LEI

Open field root planing/hemiarch 1000 LEI

Open field root planing/2-3 teeth 500 LEI

Gingivectomy/tooth 100 LEI

Gingivo-Alveolo-Plasty (ESGAP) /tooth 300 LEI

Periodontal abscess treatment 200 LEI

Immobilization with fiberglass band 700 LEI

Cosmetic dentistry services

Professional teeth whitening at home (mouthguard + paste) 1500 LEI

Professional teeth whitening in the surgery (lamp + paste) 1500 LEI

Dental polishing (application of dental jewelry) 250 LEI

Dental imaging services

Panoramic X-ray 100 LEI

Retro alveolar X-ray 50 LEI

Pediatric dentistry services

Temporary tooth sealing 100 LEI

Endodontic treatment of temporary teeth 200 LEI

Temporary teeth extraction 100 LEI

Temporary teeth filling 200 LEI

Sealing of grooves, fissures 200 LEI

Dental services of dental therapy

Ca (OH)2 application (direct-indirect) 150 LEI

High degree of difficulty facial fillings 300 LEI

Atypical cavity fillings 300 LEI

Composite filling/medium glass ionomer 250 LEI

Composite filling/glass ionomer small 200 LEI

Orthodontic dental services

Metal orthodontic appliance/arch 2800 LEI

Ceramic orthodontic appliance/arch 3000 LEI

Sapphire orthodontic appliance/arch 3700 LEI

Orthodontic lingual arch/mentor 900 LEI

Mobile appliance/arch 900 LEI

Circuit breaker 1500 LEI

Monthly orthodontic check-up 150 LEI

Appliance removal + retainer/arch 500 LEI

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