Dental whitening

Modern persons, full of energy, smiling, beautiful, preoccupied with the desire to assert themselves in public have always to take care for having a charming smile.

Dr. Aristide helps you to discover the whiteness of a celebrity smile with the help of the professional teeth whitening treatment.

Just in one session, your teeth will be cleaned by a dental cleaning and brushing, then a desensitizing treatment will be applied, after which it will be performed the tooth whitening with the whitening lamp using Opalescence Boost as active substance (whitening system recognized by ADA – American Dental Association).

Offer shine to your your smile !

Opalescence is the world leader whitening product range with incredible effects, since the first application, being used only in dental offices by trained personnel.


Opalescence Boost is a tooth whitening gel with 38% hydrogen peroxide. It can whiten one or more teeth or parts of a single tooth. To accelerate the whitening polarized light is used (light whitening). Can be used for teeth bleaching, including intracoronal whitening performed in the dental practice.

Features and benefits:

– Quick and dramatic effect

– Visible results in 60min

– Does not require several sessions

– Fluoridation and desensitisation strengthens tooth enamel, reduces sensitivity, prevents cavities.

– Professional solution for fast teeth whitening

Good to know:

– Appointment must be done in advance

– Offer valid only during the promotional period

– Teeth whitening in a single session

– Treatment includes tooth preparation (scaling, professional cleaning, desensitization)

– Procedure takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

– Special lamp is used for whitening and bleaching active substance Opalescence Boost

– Whitening can be done only on natural and integer teeth (no fillings, cavities or other injuries)

– Not recommended for children under 14, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

– Appointments at phone: 0722463368 (Mon-Sat 09.oo-19.oo)

* In the banner’s photo is a real patient, taken immediately after bleaching and posted only for illustrative purposes with the patient’s permission.

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