Air Floss

We have selected below the most relevant patient questions so that we can provide you with information about this device in a user-friendly format:

1. What is Air Floss and how does it work?

The Air Floss is an oral hygiene appliance produced by Philips Sonicare that aims to remove plaque from hard-to-reach areas between teeth. It works by releasing powerful jets of water and air that thoroughly clean the plaque between teeth. This technology is called “microburst technology.”

2. Is Air Floss better than floss?

It’s more convenient, faster and more effective, per shield: Yes, it is better than floss.

3. Is Air Floss the same as Oral irrigator?

No. Oral irrigators use wide-area irrigation while Air Floss uses smaller, more powerful and more focused jets of air and water that, due to their greater power, clean interdental spaces more precisely and efficiently.

4. Which is better the Oral irrigator or the Air floss?

Both are good, as long as you use them. They are different technologies with different applications for different patients. For example:

– In the case of prosthetic work that is bonded together, where the dental spaces are practically non-existent, the Oral irrigator has a better application.

– In the case of individualized prosthetic work or dental implants, Air Floss offers more precision and efficiency.

5. I have sensitive gum teeth. Will it affect them, will it hurt?

This appliance is powerful enough to remove plaque from hard-to-reach interproximal dental areas, but at the same time it is designed so that it does not hurt your gums.

If your teeth are sensitive to cold, it’s best to use warm water to avoid thermal discomfort.

6. Can I use Oral irrigator in Air Floss?

Yes. You can use Oral irrigator by filling the reservoir with it.

You can use solutions for whitening, fluoridation or desensitization of teeth, depending on your dentist’s recommendations and the desired result.

7. How much does it cost? Is it expensive?

The price of such a device varies depending on where you buy it. For online purchases it varies around 300 lei.

8. How long will it take me to use it?

It takes about 60 seconds to interproximal clean all teeth. The first few tries may take longer to get used to.

The tip is designed so that you can easily clean away plaque.

Place the Air floss tip facing the interdental areas you want to clean and activate with a click. The microburst technology, which we talked about above, will release a small burst of air and water thus removing plaque.

This procedure should be repeated at every interdental space.

The click is done with ease, similar to the one you do on your mouse.

9. Does it plug in or is it battery operated?

Air floss has a battery and charges like a mobile phone, for example.

The battery lasts for about two weeks between charges.

10. Does it need spare parts; does it have consumables?

Just like an electric toothbrush, for ideal efficiency the tip should be changed every 6 months. The cost of such a tip is around 30 lei.

11. Should I use Air floss instead of traditional floss?

This device was designed to “make your work easier”. If you find flossing uncomfortable, awkward, clumsy and because of this you don’t floss or floss occasionally then the Air floss is for you.

Warning! Air flossing is complementary to tooth brushing. It does not replace it!

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