Teeth fluoridation

You should know that:

Fluoride, administered as indicated by dentists – pedodontists, reduces the risk of dental caries and stops the progressionof existing caries . According to statistics of the American Pedodontist Dentistry Dentists Academy (APDA), the progression of caries in sealed and fluoridated teeth is 2.6% versus 12.6% for teeth that were not protected.

Fluoride, however, can be both beneficial and detrimental for the body. It is therefore very important that fluoride supplements given to children to respect the dosage indicated by the dentist.

What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a natural mineral as well as calcium, or iron, sometimes encountered in water or certain foods. But, unlike other minerals, its administration can have both benefits and risks that may harm the body. Used in the recommended doses by a dentist, fluoride can help us to have healthy, strong and beautiful teeth, but used in excess can become toxic to the body.

Advantages of dental fluoridation

Reduce caries index by 50 to 80%

Reduces teeth sensitivity

Contributes to remineralization of incipient carious areas of the affected teeth

The remineralization effect of fluoride on tooth enamel acts as a protective layer against acid attack

Protects teeth against tooth decay, both by children and adults

The dental fluoridation until the age of 12-14 years contributes to a healthy permanent denture

Professional dental fluoridation (made in the dental practice) requires the administration of concentrated fluoride on each tooth, the effect is not only protection but also strengthening the tooth structure

Slows caries, tooth decay – even if already formed

Note, however! It is extremely important that fluoridation and fluoride supplementation should be made only after a dental checkup! Only your dentist can know whether or not you need fluoride treatments, because the incorrect administration involves certain risks!

Disadvantages and risks of fluoride on health:

1. Excess fluoride causes infertility. There is a causal relationship between excess fluoride level in the adult body, especially by women, and the emergence of infertility. Therefore, it is important to be administered only in accordance with a dentist given clear and stable treatment plan to avoid overdosing it.

2. Excess fluoride is a risk factor for bone fractures and even cancer.

3. Dental fluorosis is a condition characterized by the appearance of spots on the teeth due to excess fluoride from the body.

4. Fluoride is toxic in big quantities, it can cause acute or chronic poisoning, which can threaten your health and even your life, especially children.

Only your dentist may recommend fluoride treatment and the appropriate dose of it, depending on the age and the needs of each child. Fluoride is a mineral that is extremely necessary to all children, but if not controlled properly, it can be extremely dangerous.


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